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2007 Scotland v England v Wales Competition

The annual Scotland v England v Wales competition took place in Alfreton, England on Saturday the 8th December. The Clicker team (Brian Crighton, Eamon Cramb, Kevin, Andrew and Mark) were third. They lost 3.5 to 1.5 to England and 4 to 1 to Wales. England won the Clicker

The Knockdown team (Paul, Derick, Shihan Martin and Kevin) were second. They lost 4 to 1 to England. Derick and Martin both drew their fights. Wales withdrew from the Knockdown due to fighter injury meaning that England also won the Knockdown.

It was a spirited show by the Scottish fighters. Only Brian had previously fought in a Clicker competition. For all the other fighters it was their first time. In the knockdown only Derick and Shihan Martin had fought before. For Paul and Kevin again it was their first time.

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