2008 News

Festive Dojo Closures

The last day for training before the festive holidays will be Friday 19th December. Training will resume on Monday 5th January 2009.

December Demonstration

On 17th December members from the Scottish clubs put on a display in Goodlyburn Primary School in Perth. The display showed the clubs skill in Taiko Drumming, Kihon, Kumite, Kata, Kobudo and Tameshiwari. 8 juniors and 9 seniors took part in the hour long demonstration which was a good way to end training prior to the festive break.

Grading November 2008

A Karate and Kickboxing grading took place at the dojo in Crieff on Sunday 16th November. Thirteen students took a Karate grading and three took the Kickboxing grading. Two of the students were graded in both styles and two senior students took part in the gradings as training for their national grading in January. As usual the standard was very high and was testament to the hard effort that has been put in since the last grading in April.

Scotland v England v Wales 2008

Sadly, this year's competition which was to take place in Wales on Saturday 8th November, has had to be cancelled due to lack of support.

British Open 2008

The British Open took place on Saturday 27th September in Alferton, Derbyshire. Senpai Martin and Eamon Cramb represented the Scottish dojos. Eamon won the 16 - 17 boys knockdown and also won the trophy for the fastest knockdown in seven seconds. Senpai Martin won the British middle weight title. This was a tremendous achievement for the Scottish dojos and is just reward to both students for their months of effort and diligent training leading up to this tournament.

Dojo Fees

The fees will increase from the start of October to 3 for juniors and 4 for seniors. This new rate still provides real value compared to other clubs and activities.

Kendo Classes

From Tuesday 7th October Kendo classes will run on a Tuesday Night in the Crieff dojo.

Perth Highland Games Demonstrations

On Sunday 10th August the Scottish clubs took pert in their biggest demonstration of the year when they opened at the Perth Highland Games at Scone Palace. The demonstration was the most spectacular yet and was watched by several hundred spectators. The demonstration included Drums, Kihon, Kata, Tameshiwari, Kobudo and Kumite. The highlight was Shihan breaking a baseball bat with his shin. More photos can be found in the Gallery pages.

Camp Geordie 2008

Senpai Glen, Senpai Lisa and Eamon attended camp Geordie between 1st and 3rd August. All of them enjoyed the camp. Especially the beach training sessions.

Summer Camp 2008

The summer camp took place this year between the 11th and 13th July at Culford School, Bury St. Edmunds. Eight students from the Scottish clubs attended the camp. Shihan Martin also instructed at the camp. More photos can be found in the Gallery pages.

June Demonstrations

Over the weekend of 14th and 15th June the Scottish clubs took part in two very spectacular demonstrations. The demonstrations included Drums, Kihon, Kata, Tameshiwari, Kobudo and Kumite. One of the demonstrations was videoed so that it can be shown to the organisers of the Perth Highland Games who have selected the clubs to entertain at the event in August. More photos can be found in the Gallery pages.

New Club In Scotland

On Thursday 24th April a new Kyokushin Club was opened in Perth. The dojo operator is Senpai Glen Alexander. The club is held every Thursday in Kinnoull Parish Church Hall, on the Dundee Road, between 19:00 and 21:00.

April Grading

On Sunday 20th April over 30 students from the Methven, Perth and Crieff clubs took part in a joint karate and kickboxing grading. Shihan Martin and Sensei Bel took the grading assisted by Senpais Gillian, Lisa and Brian. The grading was very demanding and the students showed great qualities of techniques, stamina and spirit resulting in the vast majority of students passing. The highest level sat was Eamon Cramb who passed his 3rd Kyu.

English Open 2008

The English Open took place at Woodson Park, Ware, on Saturday 29th March. Seven students from the Scottish Dojos took part in the competition coached by Senpai Glen. Mark had his first taste of knockdown but was unfortunately drawn against a more experienced fighter. Paul was more evenly matched and lost the decision after a hard 6 minutes. The other five students all came home with a trophy as follows :-

Category Name Result
Kata : Juniors 13 - 15, 3rd Kyu and Above Kelly Watt 2nd
Kata : Juniors 16 - 17 Eamon Cramb 2nd
Kata : Senior Ladies Lisa Alexander 1st
Kata : Senior Ladies Lisa Douglas 3rd
Clicker: Juniors 16 - 17 years, 4th Kyu & Below Eamon Cramb 2nd
Knockdown : Junior Boys 13-15 Connor Comrie 3rd
Knockdown : Junior Boys 16-17 Eamon Cramb 1st
Most Spirited Junior Boy Fighter Eamon Cramb Winner

Winter Camp 2008

Winter Camp took place in the Crieff Dojo from Thursday 31st January until Sunday 3rd February. Many students from Clubs around the UK attended the camp. 2 students sat Nidan grading and 5 students sat Shodan. Brian Crighton from the Perth club passed his Shodan, 25 years after starting karate ! Kelly, also from the Perth club passed 2nd Kyu. The camp was a great success due to the hard work done behind the scenes by Shihan Martin and his team. The students enjoyed over 14 training sessions during the camp. The sessions covered Kata, Bunkai, Kihon, Self Defence, Kumite and conditioning. The quality of the instruction during the camp was very high. Thanks to Shihan Mac, Shihan Martin, Shihan Paul and Shihan Joe for their sessions.

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