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1984 - 2009 : 25 Years Of Kyokushin in Scotland

Festive Dojo Closures

Training will take a break at the Scottish Dojos over the festive period as follows :-

Club Last Training Session Training Resumes
Perth Goodlyburn Wednesday 9th December 2009 Wednesday 6th January 2010
Crieff Tuesday 15th December 2009 Tuesday 5th January 2010
Perth Kinnoull Thursday 17th December 2009 Thursday 7th January 2010

Winter Camp 2010

With the closure of the Crieff dojo, the annual winter camp will move to a new venue in 2010. The camp will take place at Comrie Croft between the 5th and 7th February. To book one of the limited places at this event please return the application form below to Shihan Martin along with the deposit by 30th November. The link below will give you more information about the venue.

Click to get a copy of the Winter Camp Application Form

Link to Comrie Croft Website

The timetable for the camp can also be seen in the link below. Students who cannot attend the whole camp can take part during any of the sessions at a cost of 5 per session per adult or 3 per child. Those grading should be there at 09:00 on Saturday prompt.

Click to get a copy of the Winter Camp Timetable

Kyokushin Scotland T-Shirts

Shihan Martin has approved a Kyokushin Scotland T-shirt to commemorate 25 years of Kyokushin in Scotland. They cost 17.50. Please let Senpai Brian know if you would like to buy one along with your size. A limited number of t-shirts are still available in black or white in small, medium, large or extra large and would make excellent Christmas presents!

Iain Abernethy Kata Bunkai Course : Glenrothes : Sunday 29th November

On the 29th of November Iain Abernethy took an open seminar on the bunkai from the kata Bassai in the Glenrothes Martial Arts Centre, Alburnie Park, Glenrothes. Shihan Martin, Senpai Brian and Eamon attended the session and found it very worth while and interesting.

Britain's Got Talent

The Scottish Clubs had an audition for Britain's Got Talent on Monday 19th October in Glasgow. The demo was filmed for the audition the day before at the Crieff Dojo. Seven of the club members attended the audition with Shihan Martin. The club has made it through the first round and will now progress to the live filmed auditions on Monday 18th January in front of Simon, Amanda and Piers!

New Karate Training Session at Pitcairngreen

A new Karate class has started at the village hall in Pitcairngreen on a Sunday between 15:00 an 17:00. It is an ideal opportunity for students taking national gradings in February next year to train with Shihan and Sensei.

2009 British Open : 19th September

The British Open took place on Saturday 19th September at Wodson Park Sport Centre, Ware, Hertfordshire. Senpai Brian and Eamon took part in the competition which was also attended by Shihan Martin. Eamon was third in the 16-17 year old boys knockdown and Senpai Brian was 3rd in the men's Kata section.

Grading September 2009

The last karate grading to take place in the Crieff dojo was held on Sunday 27th September. Twelve students took part in the grading which was the last official event to take place in the dojo.

Kyokushin Spirit

Here is a recent photograph of Shihan Bobby Lowe instructing a class from his wheelchair. A tremendous example of Kyokushin spirit. Shihan Bobby Lowe is the oldest surviving student of Sosai Oyama and is Chairman of the IKO International Committee.

4th World Weight Category Tournament

The 4th World Weight Category Tournament took place in Japan from the 21st to the 23rd August. Alongside this tournament was the 2009 World Youth Karate Championship, the 2009 Women's World Karate Championship, the 2009 International Kata Championship and the 2009 International Senior Karate Championship. Shihan Martin represent Scotland in the senior knockdown. Eamon Cramb represent Scotland in the Youth knockdown. Both fighters coped well in the hot climate but went out to Japanese and Russian opponents. Sensei Belle accompanied the two fighters as coach.

Link to Video Of Eamon getting bye at 09:30 and fighting at 42:30

Crieff Dojo Update : July

A public meeting took place on 12th July in the Dojo at 19:30 with councillors and directors of the hall to discuss the hall closure. The dojo will remain open while a final attempt is made at securing funding. To boost funds there will be a Jumble Sale in the hall on Sunday 30th August at 12:00. Please try and come and support the event and take an unwanted items for sale to the dojo the next time you are there.

The Kickboxing class will start again on Mondays from 27th July whilst the hall remains open, The karate will move as planned on 4th August to the recreation centre in Crieff.

Crieff Demo 4th July 2009

On Saturday 4th July members of the Perth clubs put on the third demonstration of the summer. This time in Crieff. The clubs opened the event with a display of drumming, kihon, kata, kobudo, kumite and tameshiwari. The display was very much appreciated by the organisers and the crowd. It was the third time the clubs have been asked to open the event. More photos from the demonstration can be seen on the 2009 Gallery page.

Crieff Dojo Closure : June

It is with much sadness that I have to report that we have now started proceedings to Close the Crieff dojo. Despite a massive effort by club members since 2006 to maintain and enhance the dojo we are now in a position where several hundred thousand pounds would be needed to make the building water tight and structurally sound. We are losing several hundred pounds per month trying to keep the dojo open. Sufficient grants and aid have not been granted. The dojo has played host to three very good winter camps and hosted the Scotland v England v Wales competition in 2006. More than seven students from Scotland passed their Shodans in the dojo.

We will continue to host Winter Camp and we are in the process of securing a venue which will be better and also maintain the spirit of past Winter Camps. The Karate class will move to the recreation centre in Crieff from August. The kickboxing class will be held in a new venue in Perth and will start again after the Summer.

A special mention should go to Shihan and Senpai Glen. They have always been there when work was needing done on the dojo. Since 2006 both of them have given countless hours of blood sweat and tears so that the rest of us could have a great Kyokushin place to train. At the end of the day a dojo is just a hall. It is made a special and sacred place due to the spirit of the students and instructors. We will all take away special memories of the dojo. In true Kyokushin spirit we will pick ourselves up and continue to train and build again.

Pitlochry Demo 20th June 2009

On Saturday 20th June members of the Perth and Crieff clubs put on another demonstration. This time in Pitlochry. The clubs opened the event with 20 minutes of drumming. Later the clubs did 40 minutes of kihon, kata, bunkai, kobudo, kumite and tameshiwari. The display was very much appreciated by the organisers and the crowd. It was the second demonstration in June. More of the photos from the demonstration can be seen on the Gallery page.

Link to Video Of Highlights From The Demo

Luncarty Demo 13th June 2009

On Saturday 13th June members of the Perth and Crieff clubs put on a demonstration in Luncarty. The clubs opened the gala day with 30 minutes of drumming. Later the clubs did 40 minutes of kihon, kata, bunkai, kobudo, kumite and tameshiwari. The gala day was also closed by the karate club with the sounds of the taiko drumming. The display was very much appreciated by the organisers. It was the first of this summer's planned demonstrations. More of the photos from the demonstration can be seen on the Gallery page.

Link to Video Of Taiko Drumming From The Demo

Ian Abernethy Bunkai Seminar 3rd May 2009 : Edinburgh

Three members of the Perth and Crieff clubs attended an Ian Abernethy kata bunkai session in Edinburgh which was hosted by the Kyokushin-Kan Edinburgh based clubs on Sunday 3rd May. Shihan Martin, Senpai Brain and Brian Roxburgh attended the course. The course went over applications for the Pinan katas and gave all attendees new things to think about. The day was rounded off with some kata based sparing. Some of the official photos from the session can be seen below.

Grading March 2009

A Karate grading took place at the dojo in Crieff on Saturday 28th March between 14:00 and 17:00. 14 students took part and sat gradings up to 7th Kyu.

Norway Tekki Bunkai Course

On the weekend of 14th March Shihan Martin and Sensei Belle hosted a Bunkai course in Norway for the Tekki katas. The course was well attended and appreciated and they have been invited back for future courses.

Winter Camp 2009

Winter Camp took place in the Crieff Dojo between Thursday 29th January and Sunday 1st February. 25 students took part in the camp. 12 students came from the Durham, Bournemouth, Tokei and Bishop Stortford English dojos, 12 students from the Scottish dojos and one student from Hong Kong. The students were treated to numerous high quality sessions instructed by Shihan Jose, Shihan Martin, Sensei Belle, Senpai Adam and Senpai Simon. 5 students sat national gradings. 2 Brown belts, 2 Shodan and 1 Nidan. All students showed a very high standard of technical ability and spirit and passed. This was the 8th Winter Camp in Scotland and was a great start to the 25th year of Kyokushin in Scotland

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