2011 News

Festive Dojo Closures

Training will take a break at the Scottish Dojos over the festive period as follows :-

Club Last Training Session Training Resumes
Perth Goodlyburn Wednesday 21st December 2011 Wednesday 11th January 2012
Musashi Friday 16th December 2011 Friday 13th January 2012

Winter Camp 2012

Unfortunatley Kyokushin Scotland will not be hosting Winter Camp 2012 in February as planned. This event has been hosted in Scotland for many years but this year there were not enough people registered by the cut off date and the event was not ecconimically viable. It is sad given the history of this event that it will not be going ahead. Numbers were down due to the general state of the ecconomy and the predicted bad weather. Hopefully we can host an event again soon.

Shihan Bobby Lowe's Funeral

Shihan Bobby Lowe's funeral was held in Honolulu, Hawaii on September 30, 2011. Many of Shihan Lowe's friends, family and IKO members from the USA, Japan, Canada, and Australia attended the service. Kancho Shokei Matsui, Shihan Katsuhito Gorai and Shihan Stuart Corrigal of Canada each made tribute speeches. The following day, IKO international and local Hawaiian members held a memorial training session in Shihan Lowe's honor. The training was conducted on one of Honolulu's beautiful beaches and IKO members practiced Shihan Lowe's favorite techniques, together. A special tribute ceremony for Shihan Bobby Lowe will be held at the 10th World Open in Tokyo next month to honor his dedication to the IKO Kyokushinkaikan. Gis will now be worn back as normal at the Scottish dojos. Osu!

Shihan Bobby Lowe

The Kyokushin family is in sadness with the news that Shihan Bobby Lowe has passed away.

Edward 'Bobby' Lowe was born on 23rd August 1929. He was the first uchi deshi (live-in student) of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, founder of Kyokushin karate, and established the first Kyokushin school outside Japan. Shihan Lowe was the Senior Instructor and an International Committee Chairman of the International Karate Organisation.

At 23 years of age, he was ranked 4th dan in judo, 2nd dan in Kosho-ryu kempo, and 1st dan in Yoshinkai aikido. Shihan Lowe first met Sosai Oyama at a demonstration Sosai gave in 1952 in Hawaii. From late 1952 to early 1954, Shihan Lowe trained daily under Sosai and he was promoted to the rank of 1st dan in 1953. In 1957 in Hawaii, Shihan Lowe opened the first Kyokushin dojo outside Japan. Sosai promoted him to 4th dan in or before 1957, 5th dan in 1965, 7th dan in December 1976, and 8th dan in October 1984. Shihan Lowe wrote three books on Kyokushin ("Mas Oyama's karate as practiced in Japan"(1954), "The 'Young Lions' of Mas Oyama's Kyokushin karate headquarters" (1985), "Kyokushin karate: Self-defense techniques" (1999))

On September 17, 2005, Lowe was recognised for his contributions to karate by the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, at the Celebration of Lifetime Achievement dinner for 2005. On September 14, 2011, Shihan Lowe died peacefully in hospital in Honolulu.

The photo below is of Shihan Bobby Lowe and Sensei Belle after her third dan grading. This week the Scottish clubs will train with gis worn in reverse as a mark of respect. OSU!

Black Belt Presentation

Senpai Glen, Senpai Gil and Senpai Brian were presented with their Nidan belts and certificates by Shihan and Sensei on Wednesday 14th September. All three sat their grading at Winter Camp back in February. The three new Nidan's are Shihan's longest training students.

British Open : September

The British Open was held again in Ware this year. Unfortunatley only Senpai Brian managed to attend this year from the Scottish dojos. He was 5th in the men's kata competion but he was the second highest IKO student. The men's kata was won by Senpai Brett from Bury St Edmunds dojo.

New Sunday Training Session

Shihan will take Knochdown / Kudo / MMA training on Sundays from Sunday 28th August at 2:30 at Pitcairngreen. Wear short and t-shirts etc. All levels wellcome to attend.

Summer Camp 2011 : July

Shihan Martin and Senpai Gil attended the Summer Camp which took place in Bury St Edmunds during the first week in July.

Grading and Instructors Course : Sunday 26th June

Five students sat their grading on Sunday 26th June in the Pitcairngreen Dojo. Also nine black belts sat an instructors course. The grading fully tested the new syllabus and also included basic kata bunkai.

Peter Consterdine Seminar : Sunday 19th June

Shihan Martin and Senpai Glen attended the Peter Conserdine & Steven Morris Seminar in Glenrothes on the 19th June. There were over 30 students at the seminar from Scotland, most of whom were from other karate organisations, mainly Shukokai. The seminar taught various bunkai and self defence drills, pad work and katas.

Iain Abernethy Seminar : Saturday 4th June

Senpai Brian attended the Iain Abernethy Seminar in Motrose at the start of June. There were over 30 students at the seminar from Scotland, most of whom were from Shotokan organisations. The seminar taught various bunkai and drills that are incorporated in the kata Kanku.

Kudo Seminar : Sunday 29th May

Shihan Martin, Senpai Glen, Paul and David attended a Kudo seminar in Wakefield at the end of May. The seminar was hosted by Lee Hasdell and Peter Consterdine of the British Combat Karate Association.

Kudo was founded in 1981 by Takashi Azuma who was a third-degree black belt in Judo as well as a 4th-degree black belt in Kyokushin karate. Kudo uses techniques from various martial arts, namely, at the time of its creation in 1981, Judo and Karate. In the late 1980s and early 90s the style began to incorporate various techniques from muay thai, boxing, Jujutsu, sambo, submission wrestling, and other martial arts, fine tuning each technique for use within the Kudo style. One of the fundamental goals of Kudo being the creation of a versatile and realistic fighting style without compromising safety, Azuma created a style which incorporated various offensive as well as defensive techniques which includes punches to the head, elbow strikes, head butts, judo throws, jiu-jitsu jointlocks and other standup and ground fighting techniques.

Sponsored Kihon

There was a sponsored Kihon session to raise money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan at the Perth club on Wednesday 4th May and at Kinnoull Club on Friday 13th May.

Pitcairngreen Demonstration : Saturday 7th May

The clubs did a karate and drumming demonstration at Pitcairngreen on Saturday 7th May to celebrate the official opening of the new hall. It was the first demo of the year and was well attended. Some new students took part in the demonstration this time. More photos can be seen on the gallery page.

Iain Abernethy Seminars 2011

The table below shows the 2011 dates for the Iain Abernethy seminars in Scotland. The Kyokushin Scotland clubs have a history of attending these seminars since we hosted one in 2006. They are an excellent way of learning and understanding practical kata bunkai.

Date Time Location Cost Contact
Sunday 22nd May 12:00 - 16:00 Meadowbank Sport Centre, London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE. 25 Stephen (s.mccann@kyokushinkan.org.uk / 07595293058).
Saturday 4th June 12:30 - 16:30 MontroseTown Hall, Melville Gardens, Montrose, Angus, DD10 8HG. 25 Alan Dye via 01674 677359 or via montrose.shotokan@hotmail.co.uk
Sunday 11th September 12:00 - 16:00 Glenrothes Martial Arts Centre, Alburnie Park, Glenrothes, Fife, KY7 5RB. 25 Stuart Maxwell on stuartmaxwell04@btinternet.com or www.glenrothesmartialarts.co.uk.

Scottish Open : April

The Scottish Open took place this year at the Jack Kane Sports Centre in Edinburgh on Saturday the 16th April. This year we only had one fighter taking part. Craig Ross took part in the middleweight novice competition and was 4th. Senpai Brian refereed all 26 fights on the day. Also Senpai Brian and Eamon did a nunchanku demenstration followed by Senpai Brian breaking boards over Eamon as he did Tensho. Eamon was going to fight but the Heavyweight senior competition was cancelled due to a lack of fighters and the organisers were unwilling to combine the senior and novice categories. The tournament was a great event and the standard of fighting was very good. There was a great Kyokushin family atmosphere at the event and all different organisations mixed well. Next year's event is being planned for Glasgow and hopefully we will have more fighters taking part.

Winter Camp 2011

The annual winter camp took place at Comrie Croft again this year between the 4th and 6th February. Around 40 students attended the camp where they were instructed by Sensei Belle and the 4 UK Shihans. 10 students sat national gradings including four attempting Nidan and two Shodan. The camp was a very high standard and everyone really enjoyed it again. This year we were joined by Senpai Frank and 4 other students from Norway. Over the weekend, and at all hours of the day, students were tought the new Tonfa katas, learned kata bunkai, did sports specific weight training as well as kumite and basic techniques. The kumite part of the grading was exceptionaly hard this year with all studunts showing great spirit to get through the test.

Thanks must go again to Shihan Martin and his helpers for making such an enjoyable camp possible and to the students who travelled a great distance to be there and create such a friendly Kyokushin atmosphere. Hopefully word will spread and next year we will have a record number of people at Winter Camp.

IKO GB Events 2011

The table below shows the main 2011 dates for the IKO GB events. If you wish to fight in any of the tournaments you need to get Shihan's permision first.

Date Event Location
4th to 6th February Winter Camp Comrie Croft, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland.
Saturday 4th June English Open Alferton Leisure Centre.
1st to 3rd July Summer Camp Culford School Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6TX.
Saturday 9th July London Cup Tournament Fairlawn Primary School, Honor Oak Road, London.
5th to 7th August Camp Geordie Spennymoor, Durham.
Saturday 9th September British Open Wodson Park Sports Centre, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0UQ.

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