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30 Years since the 1st Kyokushin Grading in Scotland : June 1984

Festive Dojo Closures

Training at the Dojo will take a break over the Festive period as follows :-

Class Last Training Session Training Resumes
Karate (Wednesday) Wednesday 17th December 2014 Wednesday 7th January 2015
Kickboxing Tuesday 16th December 2014 Tuesday 13th January 2015
Kata Thursday 4th December 2014 Thursday 8th January 2015

Grading : December

On Saturday 20th December around 15 students took part in a club grading. This was also the last training event of 2014. Everyone trained hard and those who graded passed the grade they were trying for.

30 Year Anniversary Dinner : September

On Saturday 27th September just over 20 people attended a dinner that was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the first Kyokushin grading in Scotland. The dinner was held in the Jade Garden, Perth, and many students from over the years attended. it was a great night with many old stories being shared of past competitions, camps, demos and gradings. It is hoped to hold similar events again in the future as many other students past and present were disapointed not to be able to attend this event.

British Open : September

On Saturday 21st September, Shihan and 6 students attended the British Open in Ware. It was a very successfull tournamant for the club. Matthew represented the club in the boy's kata and just missed out on a medal. Senpai Brian was second in the Men's kata and took part in the Clicker before having to withdraw due to injury. Rob won the men's Clicker with a fantastic display of controlled agression. Douglas did a great job in his first competition showing great spirit. David was second and Liam was first in the men's middleweight knockdown. The knockdown fighters showed great spirit, stamina and technique considering they have all been fighting for only a year. More photos can be seen on the gallery pages.

Iain Abernethy Bunkai Seminar : June

On Sunday 22nd June Shihan, Senpai Brian and Rob attended an Iain Abernethy seminar in Montrose. The whole 4 hour seminar was spent looking at the kata Bassai and it's bunkai applications. It was a very interesting seminar. The 3 Kyokushin students all trained with students from other styles and left the event physically and mentaly drained. Shihan and Senpai Brian will pass on the applications to the other students during normal training sessions when Bassai is covered.

English Open Winners Photo : May

Before a training session in May, the photo below was taken of the English Open medal winners and coaches for the local papers for some publicity to attract new members. David Christie is not in the photo as he was on holiday.

Grading : April

A grading took place on Wednesday 23rd April. Juniors were graded between 18:30 and 19:30. Senior grading started at 19:30. In total around 15 students took and passed their grading. All students showed great spirit and a high standard of ability. The highest grade that took part was David Christie who passed his 3rd Kyu.

English Open : March

The English Open tooki place on Saturday 22nd March in Bishops Stortford. Seven people took part from the club and an additional five travelled for support. This was one of the best ever supported tournaments by the Scottish organisation. We had an outstanding tournament, picking up 6 medals. The club was 4th over all in the league table for the day. Our best ever tournament performance. We picked up 3 first places in the Kata with Senpai Brian winning the Mens, Donna winning the Ladies and Matthew winning the boys. Liam was second in the Middleweight knockdown and David was third. Liam was second in the boy's semi-contact. Shihan made a surprise return to the mat when he stepped in for Rob, who had to pull out due to sickness, in the Clicker. Hopefully this result will energise the club and we will take even more competitors to the British Open in September. More photos can be seen on the gallery pages.

Winter Camp : February

Winter camp returned to Scotland after a 3 year break and was held in the new dojo over the weekend of 7th to 9th February. There were 9 training sessions that lasted a total of 18 hours training over the weekend. Shihan Jose, Shihan Martin, Sensei Belle, Sensei Adam and Senpai Brian all gave the students various different classes. The students trained very hard across the weekend. Shihan Jose officially opened the new dojo on the Saturday afternoon. 26 students took part in the various classes with 8 students completing the whole weekend. Kimmy Neil won the award for the student who trained hardest over the camp. All in all it was a fantastic camp and it will be repeated again next year.

New York Dojo Visit : January

Senpai Brian recently visited New York for a weekend break. Whilst he was there he was given permission to train at Shihan Gorai's dojo. The dojo is right in the centre of Manhattan on the corner of 39th Street and Maddison Avenue. The dojo is on the 5th floor of what must be the smallest building in New York. Senpai attended the Saturday lunch time class that was instructed by one of Shihan Gorai's shodans. (Whilst his wife was let lose shopping on 5th Avenue!) It was a typically hard Kyokushin training session which left the mirrors covered in condensation with the efforts of the students. Whilst he was there he met a brown belt called Violet who used to train with Shihan Martin in scotland when she lived there. Senpai Brian hopes to return and train there again one day and recommends the experience for any other students visiting New York. More photos can be seen on the gallery pages.

IKO GB Events 2014

The table below shows the main 2014 dates for the IKO GB events. If you wish to fight in any of the tournaments you need to get Shihan's permission first.

Date Event Location
Friday 7th Feb to Sunday 9th Feb Winter Camp Margaret Morrison Unit, Ruthvenfield Grove, Inveralmond Industrial Estate, Perth PH1 3FN.
Saturday 22nd March English Open Birchwood School, Bishops Stortford, CM23 5BD.
? Summer Camp Lea Green Centre, Main Rd Lea, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 5GJ.
Friday 15th Aug to Sunday 17th Aug Camp Geordie Spennymoor, Durham.
Saturday 20th September British Open Wodson Park Sports Centre, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0UQ.
Sunday 9th November High Grade Seminar & AGM Bryntirion Comprehensive School, Merlin Crescent, Cefn Glas, Bridgend CF31 4QR.

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